Location: Christian County MO

Biography of A. T. Yoachum

A. T. YOACHUM. Many minds labor under the misapprehension that real patriotism is peculiar to men of high genius or the favorites of fortune. The true patriot is one who, from love of country, does, or tries to do, in the proper sphere, all that appears necessary to promote her honor, prosperity and peace. The substantial elements of this precious virtue which underlies the welfare of every nation, and especially of one professing to be free, like our own, are furnished by men in every walk of life, who step out of the realm of mere self-love, and seek to

Biography of George W. Adams

GEORGE W. ADAMS. One of the prominent and well-to-do agriculturists and stockraisers of Marion Township, Christian County, Missouri, was born in Letcher County, Kentucky, in 1841, to the union of George and Sarah (Frazier) Adams, both natives of Kentucky, it is thought. This worthy couple married in Letcher County, Kentucky, and made their home there until 1854, when they came, by wagon, to Taney, now Christian County, Missouri, being two months on the road. Locating on a small farm, they at once began making improvements, and as the years passed by became the owners of an excellent farm. For one

Biography of O. W. Anderson

O. W. ANDERSON. Among all the industries that are carried on in any community, none succeed so well as the ones that are conducted by practical men. An instance in mind is the success attained by O. W. Anderson, who is a member of the firm of Anderson & Keightley, practical blacksmiths, of Billings, Missouri. He was born in Erie County, Penn., November 18, 1850, was reared and educated in Crawford County of that state, and there also learned his trade. His parents were Robert and Harriet (Yates) Anderson, the former of whom was born in the State of New

Biography of Henry H. Stone

HENRY H. STONE. If industry, hard work and ceaseless activity, united with a strong and determined pers everance can accomplish anything in this world, then Mr. Stone is bound to succeed, for in him are to be found all the characteristics mentioned, and indeed he is deserving of more than ordinary credit for his career thus far in life. He is a product of the Sucker State, born in Johnson County February 12, 1845. He is the son of Thomas and Esther (May) Stone, both natives of Kentucky. The grandfather, Reuben Stone, was born in North Carolina, but at an

Biography of M. V. Gideon

M. V. GIDEON. The gentleman whose name is given above is the popular and efficient circuit clerk and recorder of deeds, and one of the representative men of this county. Integrity, intelligence and system are the characteristics which tend to the prosperity to which all aspire, and such are some of the traits of Mr. Gideon, who is well and favorably known throughout the county, his birth having occurred here February 22, 1860. His father, William C. Gideon, who was an early pioneer of Missouri and a man whose uprightness and honesty were well known, was killed by the bushwhackers

Biography of Joseph Lebow

JOSEPH LEBOW. The original of this notice is a Tennesseean by birth and has inculcated into him the sterling principles of the better class of citizens of that State. He was born in Hawkins County in 1833, and is the son of Isaac and Sarah (Gray) Lebow, both natives of Tennessee. The father born in Grainger and the mother in Washington County. Both parents received limited educational advantages and after marriage located in Hawkins County, where the mother passed away in 1865 and the father in 1882. Both were worthy members of the Methodist Episcopal Church for many years. Mr.

Biography of Isaac Adams

ISAAC ADAMS. Among the prominent business men of Christian County, Missouri, stands the name of Isaac Adams, who is a practical, experienced man thoroughly conversant with merchandising in all its branches and a most reliable one with whom to enter into commercial relations. He was born in Letcher County, Kentucky, in 1850, the youngest in order of birth of five children born to George and Sarah (Frazier) Adams. He was but four years of age when he was brought by his parents to Taney, now Christian County, Missouri, but owing to the breaking out of the Civil War his educational

Biography of Wiand Tunnell

WIAND TUNNELL. Among the prominent business men of Linden none stand higher in the community than Wiand Tunnell, who is manager and one of the proprietors of Linden Roller Mills. This mill is owned by Mr. Tunnell, B. A. Stone and T. J. Stapp, and was built about the year 1840, being probably the first mill erected in the county. It was put up by John Hoover and operated by that gentleman until 1886, when the present owners took possession. The firm is known as Tunnell, Stone & Stapp, as William Park owned an interest up to 1892, and in

Biography of J. C. Woody

J. C. WOODY. The bustling towns, thriving villages and cultivated farms of Christian County, Missouri, have so long been common objects to our sight, that it seems almost beyond belief that we have in our midst an honored citizen, one of those hardy pioneers who saw this county when the settlers were few and far between. J. C. Woody was born in east Tennessee, November 26, 1834, and was only six years of age when he came with his parents, Abraham and Anna (Vaughan) Woody, to this county. The father and mother were born in Tennessee, married there, and about

Biography of James F. Adams

JAMES F. ADAMS. James F. Adams, clerk of Christian County, Missouri, and a young man of much intelligence, force of character and determination, was born near Sparta, this county, April 21, 1861. He is the youngest child born to Leroy and Mary A. (Cummins) Adams (pioneer settlers of this region), the family coming from middle Tennessee to this county as early as 1833. Of the nine children born to Mr. and Mrs. Adams only three are now living: John N., who resides on the old homestead; Thomas D., also on the old homestead, and our subject. It was a good