Location: Brown County KS

Biography of John Schilling

John Schilling. A hazardous and arduous task confronted those venturesome and hardy men who forsook the security and comforts of the settled communities during the ’50s and penetrated the wilds of the untrodden West. None but themselves and their children can ever realize, in the faintest degree, the difficulties with which they were forced to contend, the perils to which they were exposed, and the privations which they endured. Fortunately, they were animated by an indomitable spirit and sustained by inflexible resolution, and patiently, perseveringly and steadfastly accomplished their mission, leaving to their posterity the fruits of their enterprise, in

Biography of Henry F. Macy, M. D.

Henry F. Macy, M. D., deceased, was born in Stark County, Ohio, in 1826. He was reared to farm life, and bad in early life the advantages of a common-school education. His father, Matthew Macy, was a native of Nantucket, Massachusetts, and a descendant from one of the oldest families of that island. His mother, nee Patience Austin, was a native of Rhode Island. Dr. Macy was reared in the pioneer days of Stark County, when educational facilities were comparatively limited, but he secured a good education, and after arriving at manhood entered upon the study of medicine, graduated at

Kickapoo Indian Tribe of Brown County Kansas

It was away back in the dim and indefinite past, in the territorial days of Illinois, that this noted and itinerant tribe occupied the county of McLean, in Illinois. Then there came the time that fate decreed that they must move on. The lands were rich, the country beautiful to behold, and the climate salubrious, hence the white man’s eyes looked upon it with admiration mingled with envy. The star of empire was moving westward, at this time, at rapid strides, civilization and development encroaching, so that the Indians must go. Farther west was good enough for them.  Good hunting

Biography of Charles J. Searle

An attorney whose marked ability has been repeatedly recognized not only in Rock Island County, by whose Bar Association he has, at the time this sketch is written, recently been honored by the election as its president, but throughout the State of Illinois, is Charles J. Searle, of Rock Island. A biographical sketch of a man so well and widely known, seems almost superfluous, for there are but few in Rock Island County, and indeed in this section of Illinois, who do not enjoy a personal acquaintance with the gentleman himself. And were these sketches written and published merely for

Biography of Addison W. Swayze

Addison W. Swayze. During the working out of an honorable and worthy career Addison W. Swayze had been the master of his own destinies. When he started life independent of family connections or influences he had only the capital with which nature had endowed him, but his self reliance was of such a sturdy nature that it enabled him to develop to the utmost his native talents, which included the characteristics of determination, enterprise and practical ambition. His inherent judgment pointed out the way for him to succeed, his keen insight discerned opportunities, his native powers developed new fields, and

Biography of William H. Holt

William H. Holt came to Kansas a number of years ago as a railway employee, but soon took up banking and had had a wide experience in that field, partly in Kansas and partly in Northwestern Texas, and is now cashier of the Central National Bank of Ellsworth. This is one of the largest and most substantial banks in Southern Kansas. Mr. Holt was born at Grafton, West Virginia, August 2, 1879. His ancestors came originally out of England and were colonial settlers in Virginia. His father, James W. Holt, was born at Kingwood in Preston County, West Virginia, in

Biography of John P. Davis

John P. Davis, Topeka. A resident of Kansas for forty-four years, Mr. Davis has in his career set an example of all that is best in American citizenship, not only to his immediate family but to the public in general. He has been prominent in public and business affairs, and has discharged the responsibilities which have fallen to his lot in a conscientious and able manner. His most potent influence for good has been exercised in business as well as in every day life. By his extensive business connections and his extended personal acquaintance he is one of the well

Biography of John C. Fields

John C. Fields. Among the worthy farmers of Fawn Creek Township, Montgomery County, whose industry, perseverance and good management have brought them into comfortable circumstances, is John C. Fields. Mr. Fields has been a resident of Montgomery County since 1870, in which year he took up a pre-emption claim in what was then the Cherokee Strip. He has steadily added to his holdings since that time, and is now one of the substantial men of his community, having a well-cultivated property of 650 acres, and being a director of the Tyro State Bank. Mr. Fields was born in Mifflin County,