Walter Woodworth

Walter Woodworth came from Kent Co., England, to Scituate, Mass., 1635.

Was assigned the third lot on Kent St., which runs along the ocean front, at the corner of Meeting House Lane, and there he built a house. In that year he owned other land, a tract on the First Herring Brook not far below Stockbridge Mill, where afterwards stood the residence of the poet Samuel Woodworth, and another tract on Walnut Tree Hill, just west of the present Greenbush or South Scituate R. R. Station, which was in early times called Walter Woodworth’s Hill, and in 1666 he became a purchaser of sixty acres at Weymouth.

In 1640 Walter was assessed nine shillings for the public use, and March 2, 1641, freeman; and in June 4, 1645, he was appointed surveyor of highways in Scituate, and again in 1646 and 1656. His name appears frequently on the town records of Scituate as juror, etc. In 2654 he was a member of the First Church, which ordained Charles Chancy as their minister.

Origin of Woodward Name

This ancient name of Woodward is derived from the forest keepers, the Woodwards of the Hundred Rolls in the reign of Edward 1st.

The Arms used by the Woodward Family of Kent, England

Richard Woodward of Woodmarsh and his son William Woodward of Ashford, Kent Co., used the old arms and crest of the family in England.
ARMS: ar. a chew. Sa. betw. three grasshoppers Vert.
CREST: A demi Woodman couped at the knees. Vested gu, hair dishevelled or in his dexter hand a honeysuckle of the ppr., stalked and leaved Vert.

Descendants of Walter Woodworth

1Thomasmabout 1666b 1636
2Sarahb 1637
3Benjaminmabout 1659b 1638
4Elizabethb 1640
5Josephmabout 1669,b 1648
6MarymAaron Symonds
Dec. 24, 1667
Mar. 10b 1650
7MarthamLt. Zachary Damon
June 1679
b 1656
8Isaacmabout 1686b 1659
9MehitableAug. 15b 1662
10AbigailmDec. 24, 1695b 1664

Will of Walter Woodward

Extract from will of Walter Woodward of Scituate of New Plymouth, in New England.
(Plymouth Co. Probate.)

I give and bequeath unto Thomas Woodward, my oldest son, upland containing _______ acres lying in Scituate.

To my two sons Thomas and Joseph _____ acres of marsh land to be equally divided between them which lyeth in Scituate. To Thomas Woodward, my son, one-third part of all my land at Seconet which I purchased. The other two-thirds to Benjamin and Isaac Woodward to be equally divided between them excepting 25 acres of which I do give to my son Joseph. Ten acres of which I do give to my daughter Martha of which two quantities of land are to be deducted out of the two-thirds of my land lying at Seconet given to my sons Benjamin and Isaac aforesaid. All the rest of my land at Seconet which is yet to be purchased I give unto my two sons Thomas and Joseph Woodward to be equally divided between them.

I give to Benjamin my son, my dwelling house, barn and other out housing, with all my land both upland and marsh land; 20 acres of upland, six acres of marsh land, the commons and privileges thereunto belonging. Benjamin to pay seventy pounds unto my son Joseph and my six daughters, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary, Martha, Mehitable and Abigail ten pounds apiece. Benjamin to allow my two daughters Mehitable and Abigail the lower room or parlor at the northeasterly end of my dwelling house for their use during the time that they live unmarried.

I give and bequeath to my two daughters Mehitable and Abigail my feather bed with the furniture thereunto belonging and all the rest of my household goods I give unto my six daughters to be equally divided among them.

The rest of my estate undisposed of by this my last will and testament I give and bequeath to all my children, debts and funeral expenses being first paid, to be equally divided amongst them, Benjamin sole executor. And my two sons, Joseph and Thomas Woodward, overseers.
Hand and seal this 26th day of November, 1685.

The mark of

Signed, sealed, acknowledged in the presence of:


Inventory for Will of Walter Woodworth

House, barns, upland and meadow with common privileges140 pounds
Ten acres salt meadow50 pounds
Five acres of upland20 pounds
One whole share of land in Seconetl00 pounds
Personal property___________
Total355.10 pounds


Benjamin Woodworth appeared before the court and gave oath on inventory of estate of his late father Walter Woodworth deceased March 5, 1685-6.

It will be seen that all through the will and signature it is Woodward but that Benjamin in oath of inventory spelled the name Woodworth. Part of this family kept the name of Woodward, and the others Woodworth.

Woodward, Woodworth,


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