Military Enlistment of James WoodworthMilitary Enlistment of James Woodworth

Samuel Woodworth, Sr Family

3-4-6-6 Samuel Woodworth, Sr., b May 16, 1772 at Lebanon, Conn., m Lovina Babcock. He d at Otsego, Ind. in 1846. She d at Otsego, Ind. 1844. Otsego is two miles southwest of Hamilton, Ind. Both buried in North Otsego Cemetery. She b Jan. 29, 1772. Lived in Utica, N. Y.; near Tunkhannock, Pa., and Windham, Pa. 1819 near Ketchumville, N. Y. where he owned a large farm (now called the Woodworth farm) and for a time at Centre Lisle, N. Y. with his son Asahel (3-4-6-6-3). Spring 1843 went with his wife to Otsego, Steuben Co., Ind. and lived with his son Barzilliel and his daughter Sally who m Levi Gates.

Lovina’s mother’s maiden name was Janes and came from Pittsfield, Mass. She married Wm. Babcock against her parents’ wishes –(a run-away match) and her parents never forgave her. It is supposed they located in East Haddam, Conn. where Lovina was born and later m Samuel Woodworth (3-4-6-6) and located for a time at Hebron, Conn. where Samuel (3-4-6-6-2) and Asahel (3-4-6-6-3) were born. The Samuel Woodworth bible is in possession of Elizabeth Dolly, Hamilton, Steuben Co., Ind.

Lovina’s (Lovina (Babcock) Woodworth) grandchild Nancy Adelia Lobdell (3-4-6-6-3-6) writing, says:–“I do not know where grandfather and grandmother went, but I remember very well the morning they started from Centre Lisle, N. Y. Brother Niles (3-4-6-6-3-i) carried them and what goods they wished to take, in a lumber wagon to Ithaca, N. Y. where they went on a boat of some kind across Cayuga Lake, then by canal as far as it would take them on their journey. It was in the month of May and I think in 1843. I well remember what grandmother said, as father (Asahel 3-4-6-3) helped her in and tucked the blanket around her. She grasped his hand and said: `Farewell till we meet at the judgment, I have buried my five boys. I shall never see them again,’ the tears running down her cheeks and father and Niles and all of us crying too. She did not want to go I think. She died that summer.”


3-4-6-6-1 Barzilliel Woodworth, b in Lebanon, Conn. Feb. 20, 1792, m Matilda Irwin Francis at Ithaca, N. Y., Nov. 6, 1840. He d at Otsego, Ind., Sept. 14, 1846.

3-4-6-6-2 Samuel Woodworth, Jr., b Oct. 5, 1796 in Conn. presumably in Hebron, Conn. m Eliza Hollenbeck. He d in 1851 at Mahogany. She b Sept. 9, 1800, d 1876 at Mahogany, Pa.

3-4-6-6-3 Assail Woodworth, b in Conn., Dec. 1, 1798, presumably in Hebron, m Mary Holes. He died in Centre Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., Dec. 19, 1875.

3-4-6-6-4 Nancy A. Woodworth, b in Lebanon, Conn., Aug. 8, 1802, m John Mitchell. She d at Lisle, N. Y. June 23 1834.

3-4-6-6-5 Almon Woodworth, b in Lebanon, Conn. July 7, 1804, m (r) Eliza Wilkinson Feb.1829, m (2) Cory Monroe. He d at Town Line, Pa.

3-4-6-6-6 Sally Woodworth, b in Lebanon, Conn. May 11, 1807, m Levi Gates. He b Jan. 9, 1809 She d July 3, 1873. He d Mar. 13, 1862.

3-4-6-6-7 William Woodworth, b in Lebanon, Conn. Mar. 30, 1809, m Mary Yost Wintergreen. He d in 1891-2.

3-4-6-6-8 James Woodworth b in Lebanon, Conn. Apr. 24, 1813, m Eliza Ann Santee Nov. 1, 1836. She d Dec. 1, 1893. He d at Asked, Pa. July 1, 1886.

Barzilliel Woodworth

3-4-6-6-1 Barzilliel Woodworth b Lebanon, Conn. Feb. 20, 1792, m Matilda Irwin Francis of Ithaca, N.Y. Nov. 6, 1840 He d Otsego, Steven Co.,
Indiana, Sept. 14, 1846. She b Sept. 28, 1818 in New York City. She d Feb. 24, 1883. He buried in North Otsego Cemetery, his wife at Pleasant Lake Cemetery. A soldier in war 1812.

3-4-6-6-1-1 George W. Woodworth b Oct. 30, 1841 at Ithaca, N. Y. now 1900 lives in Quincy, Mich. m Element Field Oct. 20, 1868 at Pleasant Lake, Ind. She b Heartsick, Otsego Co. N. Y. Mar. 12, 1844. She d at Quincy, Mich. Apr. 18, 1893, m (2) Maria Josephine McGown of Cooperstown, N.Y. Dec. 5, 1894. No children.

3-4-6-6-1-2 Edwin Woodworth b Mar. 7, 1843 at Ithaca, N. Y., d July 8, 1843 at Ithaca, N. Y.
3-4-6-6-1-3 Mary Elizabeth Woodworth b Sept. 25, 1844 at Otsego, Steven Co., Ind., d July 18, 1855 at Otsego.
3-4-6-6-1-4 Brazilian Woodworth, Jr. b April 8, 1847 at Otsego, Ind., m Charlotte Smith, she b Mar. 8, 1848.

3-4-6-6-1-4-1 Cora b Dec. 13, 1871
3-4-6-6-1-4-2 Elliot b Nov. 8, 1873
3-4-6-6-1-4-3 Anna Belle b May 21, 1876
3-4-6-6-1-4-4 Maud Alberta b Dec 14, 1879
3-4-6-6-1-4-5 William G. b Mar. 28, 1881
3-4-6-6-1-4-6 Blanch Bernice b Sept. 12, 1883, d Sept. 10. 1885
3-4-6-6-1-4-7 Genie b Aug. 14, 1886
3-4-6-6-1-4-8 Cecil Onite b June 18, 1890

3-4-6-6-2 Samuel Woodworth b Oct. 5, 1796 in Conn., m Eliza Hallenbeck. He d Mahogany, Pa. 1851. She b Sept. 9, 1800 d 1876. No children, only adopted ones. Lived and died in Mehoopany, Wyoming Co., Pa.

Cabinet maker by trade. He was very industrious, working day and long into the night at his trade as cabinet maker and undertaker. He worked many nights making coffins, as in those days they were not kept in stock, and were made only as needed, so he was compelled at times, like Adam Bede, to work all night long; truly not a pleasant night’s work.

He was universally respected by all who knew him,-“an honest man, the noblest work of God.” In his younger days he was straight as an Indian. As age advanced he became somewhat bowed, but enjoyed very good health, never being confined to his bed except in his last sickness.

Asahel Woodworth

3-4-6-6-3 Asahel Woodworth b Dec. r, 1798 in Conn. m. Mary Balls Nov. 14, 1818. He d Dec. 19, 1875 at Centre Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., aged 77 years. She b Sept. 21, 1801 d at Centre Lisle, July 29, 1883. Lived in Utica, New York, Owego, Toga Co., N. Y. Settled permanently at Centre Lisle, Broome Co., New York, 1818.

Children :-
3-4-6-6-3-1 Ara Niles b Lisle, N. Y. April 16, 1820 d Centre Lisle Nov. 21 1892.
3-4-6-6-3-2 Benjamin Barnett b Centre Lisle, N. Y. Apr. 4, 1822, d Cortland, N. Y. Mar. 10, 1885.
3-4-6-6-3-3 Nathaniel Bishop b Centre Lisle, N. Y. Aug. 27, 1824, now (1900) lives at 169 Hawley St., Binghamton, N. Y., with his daughter, Mrs. Wm. J. Haskin, nee Alice.
3-4-6-6-3-4 Mary Ann b Feb. 25, 1827 at Centre Lisle, N. Y., m Sept. 3, 1849, Stoddard Pratt, M. D. at Centre Lisle, He d May 22, 1884.

3-4-6-6-3-4-1 Ada Pratt b Jan. 7, 1852 at Centre Lisle, m Sept. 10 1873 Anion Clark. He d Aug 20, 1900.

3-4-6-6-3-4-1-1 John Anson Clark b Jan. 10 1874 at Centre Lisle, N. Y., m Kate Dyer, at Ithaca, N. Y., July 10 1897.
1 Child :
3-4-6-6-3-4-1-2 John Landon Clark b July 10 1898 at Ithaca, N. Y.

3-4-6-6-3-4-1-2 James Eugene Clark b Sept. to, 1876.
3-4-6-6-3-4-1-3 Rose Marion Clark b Oct. 9, 1878.
3-4-6-6-3-4-1-4 William Clark b April 21, 1835.
All reside in Ithaca, N. Y.

3-4-6-6-3-5 Martha R. b Apr. 22, 1830 d Oct. 7, 1831.
3-4-6-6-3-6 Nancy Adeline b at Centre Lisle Sept. 10 1832. Now (1900) lives in McGrawville, N. Y., m Rosined F. Lobule, Dec. 13, 1855 at Centre Lisle. He b Mar. 4, 1833, town of Maryland, Otsego Co., N. Y.

Nancy A. Woodworth

3-4-6-6-4 Nancy A. Woodworth b Aug. 8, 1802, m John Mitchell, d June 23, 1834, (daughter of Samuel b May 16, 1772 (3-4-6-6) ). She b in Columbia, Conn. and d in Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y. He b in England and d in Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y. He was a cabinet maker by trade. The old home of the Mitchells still stands on Main St., Lisle, N. Y., and is owned by the heirs, the estate having never been divided, so it is said. They were m in Owego, N. Y. and lived there for a time, he employed at his trade in company with his brother-in-law, Asahel Woodworth (3-4-6-6-3).

3-4-6-6-4-1 Almeda Dana Mitchell b at Owego, Tioga Co., N Y., Oct. 26, 1819 m Feb. 6, 1839 at Lisle, N. Y. by Rev. Babbett to Nathan Church. He b June 17, 1816 at Dugansville, N. Y. d Oct. 21, 1893 at Corning, N. Y.

3-4-6-6-4-2 Samuel Mitchell, M. D. b at Lisle, N. Y. Jan. 19 1821, m Melissa Hubbard Jan. 6, 1847. He d at Hornellsville, N. Y. June 17, 1889. She d at Hornellsville, N. Y. June 11, 1900.

He was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He studied medicine with Dr. S. H. French in Lisle, N. Y., graduated from the Berkshire Medical School of Mass., April 17, 1847. Began the practice of medicine at Cameron Mills, Steuben Co., N. Y. in Mar. 1847, where he resided till 1873 when he moved to Hornellsville, N. Y. and continued his practice until his death. He was elected a member of the New York State Legislature in the fall of 1868 and served one term.

3-4-6-6-4-3 Lovina W. Mitchell b at Lisle, N. Y. July 2, 1822, m Sept. 24, 1842 John M. Sly of Trenton, Oneida Co., N. Y. She d at Hornellsville, N. Y. Sept. 18, 1897. He b Mar. 20, 1821.

Mr. Sly has been a very conservative business man, a careful investor and today is counted among the wealthy men of his section. He commenced life with an active brain and two hands. He spent some time in the South before the Civil war; after he engaged in the lumber business in Cameron Mills, N. Y. At a comparatively early age he retired from business. Since which time he has devoted his time to the management of his business affairs and the study of the current literature of his time.

3-4-6-6-4-4 John Mitchell, M. D. b at Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y. Nov. 16, 1824, m Alma Belden Hubbard Nov. 2o, 1851 at Lisle, N. Y. She b at Lisle, N. Y. April 19, 18;,8. He d at Addison, N. Y. Oct. 4, 1886. She d at Addison, N. Y. Oct. 27, 1900.

He taught school to aid in securing his medical education and graduated at Buffalo Medical College about 1850. He practiced medicine with his brother Samuel in Cameron. Mills, N. Y. for a few years, where in 1851, he was married to Miss Alma B. Hubbard. They soon after removed to Addison, N. Y. where he practiced medicine till the time of his death in 1884. He held a prominent position in the community and was an active member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. For many years he was a member of the board of education and four years postmaster under U. S. Grant. He was a genial man, a great reader, and charming in conversation. His widow survived him till Oct. 25, 1900, when she died in the old homestead in Addison. She was a woman charming in person and manner, hospitable in her home and greatly beloved by her children.

3-4-6-6-4-5 Jane Ann Mitchell b at Lisle, Broome Co., N. Y., July 23, 1826, m Joseph Shaw in 1847. d at Lakeland, Minn. July 25, 1893. He b Chenango Forks, Broome Co., N. Y. June 2, 1818.
3-4-6-6-4-6 Nancy Adelia Mitchell b at Lisle, N. Y. May 13, 1828, m Nov. 20, 1851 to Finla Goff. He b Aug. 1, 1828 at Harvard, N. Y., now (1901) resident of Cameron Mills, Steuben Co., N. Y.
3-4-6-6-4-7 Thomas Mitchell b at Lisle May 1, 1830, d at Lisle, N. Y. May 2, 1846.
3-4-6-6-4-8 Asahel Woodworth Mitchell b Aug. 14, 1832, in July 15, 1855 to Mary Hamlett; ; m (2) Samantha M. Robertson June 7, 1869; m (3) Ella M. Blackman, April 21, 1872.
3-4-6-6-4-9 Elizabeth Mitchell b at Lisle, N. Y. June 16, 1834, m Mar. 16, 1859 to Daniel J. Chittenden, M. D., of Green, N. Y. He b Nov. 4, 1832. No children.
Daniel J. Chittenden, M. D. graduated Mar. 4, 1859 from the Medical University of New York City, entered the Civil war as surgeon, Dec. 1864 and served to end of war. Now (1901) practicing medicine in Addison, N. Y. As a man and christian as well as in his profession he has always had the love and respect of all who came in contact with him.

If you notice from comparison of dates this family of little ones was left motherless at an early age. It is said that their uncle Assail (3-4-6-6-3) and his good wife, Mary, after this sad event, contributed much, in love and tenderness, to these little folks, and in later years when they had nearly all arrived at manhood and womanhood, they held in respectful reverence the venerable couple whom they had loved as children.

Sally Woodworth

3-4-6-6-6 Sally Woodworth b May 11, 1807, m Levi Gates. He b Jan 9, 1809. He d Mar. 13, 1862. She d 1873. Both buried North Otsego, Steuben Co., Ind. burial ground. Otsego is two miles southwest from Hamilton, Ind. Her father, Samuel (3-4-6-6) and mother Levine are buried in North Otsego Cemetery; also Brazzaville (3-4-6-6-I) but his wife is buried at Pleasant Lake Churchyard.

3-4-6-6-6-1 Ransom Gates m Abby Ellis. He now ( (1901) ) sixty-nine years old and lives in Hamilton, Ind.
3-4-6-6-6-2 Serene Gates of Centre Lake, Michigan.
3-4-6-6-6-3 Levi Gates, Jr., d by accident.
3-4-6-6-6-4 Nancy Gates, m Rhodes of Nevada Mills, Ind.
3-4-6-6-6-5 Elizabeth Gates, m ______ Dolly of Hamilton, Ind. Has Samuel Woodworth’s (3-4-6-6) Bible.
3-4-6-6-6-6 Mandy Gates, dead.

3-4-6-6-6-1 Ransom Gates m Abby Ellis, now lives in Hamilton, Ind.

3-4-6-6-6-1-1 Blanche Gates, m Elder Fred A. Thomas, Egerton, Ohio. They have three children.
3-4-6-6-6-1-2 Otis Gates, m, lives in Hamilton, Ind. Two children.
3-4-6-6-6-1-3 Pyre O. Gates at Olivet, Mich. College. Will finish 1901.
3-4-6-6-6-1-4 Burr A. Gates, b 1876, m, lives in Hamilton, Ind. Two children.

William Woodworth

3-4-6-6-7 William Woodworth b Columbia, Conn., Mar. 30, 1809, m Mary Yost Wintergreen, who died 1891 or 1892. He d at Wilkesbarre, Pa., 1878.
He was under-ground boss for years in a coal mine at Nesquehoning, Pa.

3-4-6-6-7-1 Lovina Woodworth d 1882 at Wilkesbarre, Pa.
3-4-6-6-7-2 Mary Woodworth, d at Motion Chunk, Pa.

James Woodworth

3-4-6-6-8 James Woodworth b Columbia, Conn. April 24, 1813, cabinet maker, m Eliza Ann Santee Nov. 1, 1836. She d Dec. 1, 1893. He d at Asked, Pa. July I, 1886.

3-4-6-6-8-1 Clark Woodworth b Aug. 11, 1837 at Union Township, Lucerne Co., Pa. Killed at battle of Gettysburg, July 1, 1863. In famous 149th Bucktails, 5th Corps.
3-4-6-6-8-2 Sophia Woodworth b June 25, 1839 at Union Township, Pa., d July 20, 1849.
3-4-6-6-8-3 Almon Woodworth b Apr. I, 1841 at Union Township, Pa., m Sarah A. Hollister in June 1869, now (1900) lives at Tacoma, Wash., South G St. In insurance business. Was in Civil war.
3-4-6-6-8-4 Levine Woodworth b Apr. 3, 1843 at Union Township, Pa., d July 20, 1849 at Fairmount Township, Pa.
3-4-6-6-8-5 Jonathan D. Woodworth, b Sept. 29, I845 at Fairmount Township, Pa., m Susan A. Betterley July 10, 1867. Now, (1900) lives in Shickshinny, Lucerne Co., Pa.
Soldier in the Civil war-army of the James and army of the Potomac, 24th Corps 199th Penn. Volunteers. He is a leading merchant of Shickshinny–A man well known and respected, at the head of the firm of J. D. Woodworth & Co. hardware dealers.
3-4-6-6-8-6 Teressa Woodworth b Oct. 30, 1847 at Fairmount Township, Pa., d April 13, 1848.
3-4-6-6-8-7 Cordelia A. Woodworth b Mar. 31, 7849 at Fairmount Township, Pa., m Rowland Richard Metcalf Nov. 24, 1877. He b May 28, 1843 in Illinois. Now (1901) lives in Asked, Pa.

He is one of the leading business men of the town-Merchant and its present Postmaster.

3-4-6-6-8-7-1 Gertrude M. Metcalf b Oct. 14, 1878 at Huntington, Pa.
3-4-6-6-8-7-2 Eliza Hortense Metcalf b Oct. 74, 1887 at Asked, Pa.
3-4-6-6-8-7-3 Rowland Richard Metcalf, Jr., b Apr. 12, 1886 at Asked, Pa.
3-4-6-6-8-7-4 Lena Ruth Metcalf b Feb. 20, 1888 at Askam, Pa.
3-4-6-6-8-8 Susanna R. Woodworth b Mar. 25, 1857 at Fairmount Township, Pa., d June to, 1864.
3-4-6-6-8-9 Hamlin D. Woodworth b July 29, 1855 at Fairmount Township, Pa., m Alice Hague Oct. 27, 1886. She b Oct. 27, 1863 at Wilkesbarre, Pa.

Military Enlistment of James Woodworth

Military Enlistment of James WoodworthMilitary Enlistment of James Woodworth
Military Enlistment of James Woodworth

Property Sale by James Woodworth



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