Mark Haskell, Second Generation

(3) MARK2 (Mark1), born in Beverly; removed to Marblehead, 1696—7, where he died May, 1734. He was a coaster, and also a proprietor in the so ­called Plain Farm, which farm first and last had elicited much controversy and litigation between the several proprietors respecting the boundaries of their farms. This farm consisted of six hundred acres, and was originally owned by John Humphrey, to whom it was granted by General Court, March 12, 1637, and partly bounded on Hugh Peters’s farm and Coy Pond, which lies near, and on the western side of Legg’s bill, Salem. Sept. 5,1710,

“Mark Haskell, and his wife Cha­rity, dau. of Ambrose Gale, dec’d,” bought of Benjamin Gale and Benjamin James, children, and joint administrators of the estate of their late father Am­brose Gale, “a parcel of land in the Coy pond land, lying in the township of Salem.” Feb. 9, 1731, he and his wife Charity sold to their son Ambrose, a part of a certain garden formerly in the possession of Dea. Ambrose Gale, deceased, containing 80 ft. front anti rear, and 54 ft. deep, bounded on land of Elizabeth Girdler, the street, and on Gale’s meadow. The same day he sold the remainder to his son Mark. June 25, 1717, he bought of his son-in-law, Abiel Pitman (son of John Pitman, deceased, first husband to Charity), for £17, all his right in the house of his father, “in which my said father-in-law now lives,” with a parcel of land at the west end of it.

July 24, 1735, Charity Haskell, widow of Mark, sold to Hannah Goodwin, her daughter, 8 acres and 100 poles of land near Coy pond, which formerly belonged to Samuel Ward, and afterwards “to my father Ambrose Gale, and then descended to Deliverance James and unto me his two daughters,“ which land was surveyed and laid out March 20, 1704, by Samuel Gardner.

On the decease of Mr. Haskell, which occurred May, 1734, administration was not granted until July 24, 1738, to Samuel Harris, his son-in-law, who gave bonds with David Le Gallis, of Marble­head, and John Gaines, of Ipswich. Mr. Harris having died before the administration was complet­ed, it was afterwards conferred, May 13, 1741, upon his widow, Hannah Harris. The following papers concerning the settlement of the estates of Mark Haskell and his widow, may not prove uninteresting to the reader, and we givethem in full.

Accot of Sundrys Supplied the Funeral of Mark Hascol May 1734 By Hannah Goodwin.

To wine 38s. 9 pr. mens Gloves 6s 6 £4.16
To 9 pr. womens Do a 6s. 3¼ yds Lute string a 20s. 5.19
To Spice 1s. 1 fan 5s. 6. Saxton 3s. Gloves 20s 1. 9. 6
To Digging Grave 20s. Coffin 20s 2.0. 0

Total £14: 4: 6

Errors Excepted



Derby, Perley. The descendants of Thomas White of Marblehead, and Mark Haskell of Beverly, Mass. With a brief notice of the Coombs Family. Salem, Massachusetts. 1872.

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