Collection: Merrimack and Sullivan Counties New Hampshire Biographies

Biography of Moses A. Cragin

Moses A. Cragin, of Lempster, a veteran of the Civil War and an ex-member of the New Hampshire legislature, was born in Rindge, N.H., December 13, 1823, son of Moses and Sarah (Chamberlain) Cragin. His father, who was born in Rindge in the year 1800, and spent the greater part of his life in his native town, was for some years engaged in peddling. He afterward removed from Rindge to Alstead, N.H., and later to Marlow, where he was engaged in the wooden-ware business. He died April 5, 1864. His first wife, Sarah Chamberlain Cragin, was a native of New

Biography of Artemas Terrill Burleigh

Artemas Terrill Burleigh, who is now engaged in truck farming in Franklin, was born in this town, February 25, 1860, son of Gordon and Charlotte (Turner) Burleigh. The father, who was a native of Dorchester, N.H., accompanied his parents to Franklin when he was two years old. In early manhood he was engaged in the coal business in Boston. He subsequently returned to Franklin, and resided upon the farm now occupied by his son, Artemas T., until his death on August 10, 1891. His wife, Charlotte, who was a resident of Charlestown, Mass., became the mother of ten children, namely:

Biography of Samuel Harris Dow

Samuel Harris Dow, son of Amos and Mary (Brown) Dow, was born in Hopkinton, N.H., June 10, 1818, and died at his residence at Bagley Station, Warner, Merrimack County, September 6, 1894. He had not been well for several years, having been unfortunate enough, January 17, 1889, while overseeing some work at one of his mills, to have his leg broken by a rolling log; and he had scarce recovered from that accident when he had a slight paralytic shock. Within a year after, a cancer developed on his lip, causing him great suffering for four or five years. His

Biography of John H. Collins

John H. Collins, a respected farmer of Bradford, was born on Bible Hill in the town of Warner, N.H., May 9, 1815, son of Enos and Elizabeth (Walker) Collins, and grandson of Jacob Collins, whose Southampton, Mass. The father, who was born and reared in Southampton, from there in early manhood came to Warner, and in 1803 took up land on Bible Hill, near the town line of Bradford, not far from Melvin’s Mills. He cleared a portion of the land, built a house, and was engaged in tilling the soil until his death, which occurred at the age of

Biographical Sketch of Nathan R. Marshall

Nathan R. Marshall, the father of Mrs. Collins, was born in Hudson N.H., in 1792. He removed to Bible Hill when a boy of fourteen, and six years later married Abigail Hawks, daughter of Farrington and Sarah Knowlton Hawks. He was a man of education and an especially good accountant, as shown by his old account books, kept in a neat, clear hand. He held town offices at different periods, being a most intelligent and valued official. He and his wife reared ten children, three sons and seven daughters. Two of these died in infancy. Joshua P. Marshall, the eldest

Biography of Mighill Dustin

Mighill Dustin, late a prosperous farmer of Claremont, Sullivan County, N.H., his native town, where he spent the greater part of his life, was born here, December 18, 1820, and died at his homestead about twelve years since, on January 27, 1885. The Dustins are of old Colonial stock, and have been one of the foremost families of Claremont from the earliest history of the town. December 3, 1677, Thomas Dustin, the great-great-grandfather of Mighill Dustin, married Hannah, daughter of Mighill and Hannah (Webster) Emerson, of Haverhill, Mass. Mrs. Dustin’s father settled in Haverhill in 1656. The well-known story of

Biography of Charles Chase Lord

Charles Chase Lord, Justice of the Peace, Notary Public, and the local historian of Hopkinton, is the second child and first son of Charles and Sarah (Hubbard) Lord. Born in South Berwick, Me., July 7, 1841, he is a lineal descendant, in the seventh generation, of Nathan Lord, who emigrated to America from Stackpole Court, Pembroke, Wales, and settled in ancient Kittery, Me., before 1652. In South Berwick, once a part of ancient Kittery, is a homestead of which Nathan Lord became a proprietor in 1676, and which is now in the possession of his descendants, the estate being situated

Biography of Curtis Franklin Lewin

Curtis Franklin Lewin, an enterprising provision dealer of Plainfield, was born in this town, April 24, 1850, son of Erastus and Fanny (Nash) Lewin. Among several of the members of the family who have achieved distinction in business and professional pursuits may be mentioned Judge Lewin, an eminent jurist and a wealthy resident of Hartford, Conn. The father of Erastus, Cranston Lewin, who was born May 6, 1777, came from Hartford, Conn., to Plainfield when a young man, and was engaged in farming and butchering for the rest of his active period. He married Esther Fuller, who was born in

Biography of Andrew Jackson Kelley

Andrew Jackson Kelley, Postmaster of Dimond Hill, Hopkinton, a successful agriculturist of this town, and one of the brave men who fought in the late war, was born January 22, 1835, in Webster, Merrimack County, son of Timothy and Jane (Burbank) Kelley. Timothy Kelley was born December 25, 1778, in Kilcoloman, County Waterford, Ireland. He New York. Making his way from that city to Massachusetts, he lived for a time in Newbury, Mass., where he wooed and won his wife. Subsequently, removing to Webster, N.H., he was engaged in agricultural pursuits until his death, July 15, 1854, aged seventy-five years

Biography of Napoleon B. Hale

Napoleon B. Hale, a rising young lawyer of Concord, was born in Sanbornton, N.H., April 4, 1863, son of Herman T. and Hannah G. (Sanborn) Hale. His father also was a native of Sanbornton, Jacob T. Dolloff, but changed it to Herman T. Hale. His paternal grandfather, John Dolloff, grandson of Samuel Dolloff, is said to have been of Russian descent. He was one of the first settlers of Sanbornton, where he passed the greater part of his life in farming. Mr. N. B. Hale’s grandmother, the wife of John Dolloff, was Nancy Thomas, whose father, Jacob Thomas, was at