Collection: Indian Tribes of North America

Satsop Indians

Satsop Indians were located on Satsop River, a branch of the Chehalis, in Washington State.

Samish Indians

Samish Indians were located on Samish Bay and Samish Island, Guemes Island, and the northwest portion of Fidalgo Island. The Samish were later placed on Lummi Reservation.

Sahehwamish Indians

Sahehwamish Indians were located on the innermost inlets of Puget Sound in Washington state.

Quileute Indians

Quileute Indians were located on Quilayute River, on the west coast of Washington. They are now on the Quileutc and Makah Reservations.

Queets Indians

Queets Indians were located on Queets River and its branches in Washington state.

Puyallup Indians

Puyallup Indians were located at the mouth of Puyallup River and the neighboring coast, including Carr Inlet and the southern part of Vashon Island in the state of Washington.

Nooksack Indians

Nooksack Indians were located along the Nooksack River in Whatcom County, Washington and Canada.

Nisqually Indians

Nisqually Indians were located on Nisqually River above its mouth and on the middle and upper courses of Puyallup River.

Muckleshoot Indians

Muckleshoot Indians were located on White River, their territory extending from Kent eastward to the mountains, but it seems also to have included Green River.

Methow Indians

Methow Indians were located on Methow River. A detached band called Chilowhist wintered on the Okanogan River between Sand Point and Malott.