Collection: History of Addison County Vermont

Biographical Sketch of Jacob Smith

Smith, Jacob, Vergennes, was born in Shaftsbury, Bennington county, Vt., in April, 1804. He was in early life a tanner and currier, but later a farmer. He has been alderman of his town, and also colonel of the State militia. He was married in 1834 to Mary Hudson, who was born in Putney, Vt., in 1805. Mrs. Smith resided in the family of Deacon Bingham for many years in early life. They had a family of eight children born to them, six of whom are now living — Eliza S., Mary G., Isaac H., George O., Helen L., Susan S.,

Biographical Sketch of Francis M. Strong

Strong, Francis M., Vergennes, was born in Pittsford, Rutland county, Vt., in 1829, and settled in Vergennes, Vt., in 1852, as a practical moulder and machinist; in 1856 he invented and manufactured what is now known as the Howe scales, and in 1864 he sold his interest to the Messrs. Howe & Co., and purchased the island mill; in 1868 sold the same to N. G. Norton. He then purchased his foundry and machine shop, and engaged in the manufacture of hubs. He is also engaged with Charles E. Parker in the manufacture of a road machine known as the

Biographical Sketch of Elisha H. Landon

Landon, Elisha H., New Haven, was born in Salisbury, Conn., October 1, 1800, where he was educated; in 1821 he came to New Haven, Vt., and served as a clerk in the store of Rodman Chapman for three years, after which he engaged in the mercantile business in Bristol, Vt., and later in New Haven, Vt. He engaged in farming in 1832, a business in which he has since engaged, continuing until the time of his retirement from active life. He was agent for the Vermont Mutual Fire Insurance Company, for Rutland and Addison counties, for forty years, and has

Biographical Sketch of Calvin Norton

Norton, Calvin, Weybridge, was born in Addison county, Vt., on March 10, 1811. His parents were Abel and Mabel Norton. Abel Norton was born in Connecticut in 1777, and came to this county about 1800, and settled on the place now owned by his son, Hiram Norton, where he spent the last of his days. When he first came to this county he cleared a place and built a log cabin, and raised a family of ten children, eight of whom are now living. He was a successful farmer and owned 500 acres at the time of his death (in

Biographical Sketch of Ralph Satterly

Satterly, Ralph, Ferrisburgh, Vergennes p. o., was born in Ferrisburgh, Vt., in 1830. He is a general farmer and has held several of the town offices, served as lister, justice of the peace and collector of the town. He was married in 1861 to Loraine P. Hurlbut, who was born in 1815, and was a daughter of Lewis and Philomelia Hurlbut. They have had one daughter born to them — Eva S. Ralph M. Satterly was a son of Captain Isaac and Sophia (Marsh) Satterly. She was born in Ferrisburgh, Vt., in 1807, and Isaac was born in Ferrisburgh Vt.,

Biographical Sketch of Andrew J. Mason

Mason, Andrew J., New Haven, was born in the town of Pottsdam, N. Y., on October 24, 1834, where he was reared and educated, and came to the town of New Haven, Vt., in 1844, where he has since resided. He was in the War of the late Rebellion, enlisting as a private in Company F, Fifth Vermont Volunteers; was promoted to orderly sergeant, and then to second lieutenant, which he served for two years when he was compelled from ill health to resign. He was in all battles in which his regiment participated. He now owns a farm of

Biographical Sketch of Elijah Purinton

Purinton, Elijah, Lincoln, is a prosperous farmer and estimable citizen of Lincoln, Vt. He was born on December 16, 1809, and was brought up by his grandparents, Chase and Lydia Purinton. He was married on October –, 1833, to Mary Huntington, a daughter of John and Judith Huntington, of Lincoln, Vt., and by her had a family of six children — Chase, John, Lydia, Nelson, Moses, and Lindley, all of whom are now living with the exception of Chase, who died at the age of twenty-six years leaving a wife and one daughter, and Lindley and Lydia, who died when

Biography of Lyman H. Payne

Payne, Lyman H., Cornwall, was born in Warren, Vt., on February 17, 1835. His parents were Horace and Sarah (Blood) Payne. He came with his parents to Addison county, in 1837, first settled in Orwell, Vt., and remained there two years; they then went to Shoreham, where his father engaged in farming, and remained there about seven years. In 1845 he purchased the farm now owned and occupied by his son. He had a family of two daughters and two sons — Susan C. (who is the wife of Deacon Samuel James, of Weybridge, Vt.); George N. (of Bridport, Vt.),

Biographical Sketch of Ira D. Smith

Smith, Ira D., Monkton, Monkton Ridge p. o., was born at Monkton, Vt., in 1852. He was married in 1873 to Carrie A. Smith, a daughter of Warren and Mary A. (Sleeper) Smith, and was born in 1854. They have had five children born to them — George, born in 1874; Thaddeus K., born in 1876; Fanny I., born in 1878; Joseph P., born in 1880; and Avah L., born in 1885. Ira D. Smith was a son of Daniel W. and Cynthia M. (Purmort) Smith; she was born in Franklin county, Vt., on September 11, 1817, and Daniel was

Biographical Sketch of Joseph L. St. Peters

St. Peters, Joseph L., Ferrisburgh, North Ferrisburgh p. o., a general merchant of North Ferrisburgh, Vt., was born at Charlotte, Chittenden county, Vt., in 1850. He embarked in the general merchant trade in 1877, as a successor of Judge Cyrus W. Wicker. He became a clerk for Judge Wicker in 1869, at the time he settled in Ferrisburgh, Vt., and by close application to business, and the assistance of Judge Wicker, he has made his business life a success. He was married in 1885 to Mrs. Sarah A. Lyman Newal, who was a widow of A. P. Newal. Joseph L.