Collection: Choctaw Mixed Bloods

Folsom Genealogy Chart

Folsom Choctaw Family – List of Mixed Bloods

The Folsom family is easily one of the best known of all mixed-blood groups (see Charts 10 and 11). Their earliest members in Choctaw country were reputedly the three brothers Edmond, Ebeneezer, and Nathaniel who migrated through Indian country with their parents prior to the American Revolution. 1W. David Baird, Peter Pitchlynn: Chief of the Choctaws, (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1972) 6. According to Cushman: “Nathaniel Folsom married Aiahnichih Ohoyo (A woman to prefer above all others). She was a niece of Miko Puskush (Infant Chief), who was the father of Moshulatubbee. She descended from a long ancient line of

Brashears Choctaw Family – List of Mixed Bloods

The Brashears family represents one of the most industrious and influential included in this study. The genealogical thread running through this line can be traced back to the early Scotch trader, Lachlan McGillivray, and his father-in-law, the French trader aptly named Marchand, in Creek country in the mid-eighteenth century (see Chart 4). This family spans the Creek, Chickasaw and Choctaw tribes. Samuel Brashears was an early trader with the Creeks and married Rachael Durant, the mixed-blood daughter of Ben Durant (another trader) and Sophie McGillivray (the mixed-blood daughter of trader Lachlan McGillivray and mixed-blood Sehoy Marchand). 1Woodward. Reminiscences, 113. His presence

Cravat Genealogy Chart

Cravat Choctaw Family – List of Mixed Bloods

Horatio Cushman, the source of so many mixed-blood family histories and the only known source for facts about the Cravat family, states: “The Cravat family of Choctaws are the descendents of John Cravat, a Frenchman who came into the Choctaws at an early day, and was adopted among them by marriage. He had two daughters by his Choctaw wife, Nancy and Rebecca, both of whom became the wives of Louis LeFlore. His Choctaw wife dying he married a Chickasaw woman, by whom he had four sons, Thomas, Jefferson, William and Charles, and one daughter, Elsie, who married a white man

Anderson Choctaw Family – List of Mixed Bloods

The first Choctaw family examined, the Anderson family, has little or no documentation in Choctaw country prior to the removal era (see Chart 3) other than family tradition and representation on the Armstrong roll. There is, however, a Robert C. Anderson listed as a Mississippi Territory volunteer during the Creek War. On August 12, 1813 he had a commission Second Lieutenant. 1See John F. H. Claiborne, Mississippi as a Province, Territory, and State with Biographical Notices of Eminent Citizens, (1889, reprint, Spartanburg: The Reprint Company, Publishers, 1978) 320n.  But beyond this and a few Andersons on the 1808 and 1810