Collection: Biographies of the Cherokee Indians

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Joseph W. Adair

Adair, Mrs. Joseph W. (See Ross)—Cora Ann Sayers, born near Pryor, February 28, 1896. Married at Big Cabin, July 2, 1916, Joseph William, Son of Allen and Kittie Adair, born September 8th, 1891, in Harri­son County, Kentucky. They are the par­ents of Virginia Elizabeth, born August 22, 1918 and Allen Sayers Adair, born March 26, 1919. Mr. Adair is a farmer near Pryor. Henry Drew, son of Abner and Nancy Jane (Coody) Sayers was born March 9, 1862. Married October 5, 1892. Dora Thompson. born March 11, 1869 in Macom County, Missouri. Henry Drew died March 28, 1899.

Biographical Sketch of Richard H. Crittenden

Crittenden, Richard H. (See Sanders and Downing)—Richard Henry Crittenden of the Deer Clan, whose Cherokee name is Wa-hala or Bold Eagle, was born in Going Snake District April 9, 1877, educated in the Male Seminary. He married January 17, 1897, Nannie, daughter of Jesse and Frances (Wright) Wright, born 1872. They were the parents of: Fannie Alice, born March 8, 1898; Rogert Lee, born January 4, 1900 and Mary Susan Crittenden, born June 8, 1906. Mrs. Nannie Crittenden died September 8, 1913, and he married on October 20, 1917, Hettie, daughter of Simon and Emma Rogers, born January 15, 1898.

Biographical Sketch of Henry F. Fields

Fields, Henry F. (See Grant)—Henry Franklin, son of Henry Clay and Amanda Jane (Rogers) Fields was born Aug. 31, 1876 at Pryor. Married July 15, 1900, Nettle B. daughter of Richard Watson and Mary Stokes born Nov. 4, 1880 in Ky. They are the parents of: Mabel, born December 4, 1901. Graduated from Pryor High School 1920 and is teaching at Bristow; Owen G., born May 6, 1904 and Haward Franklin Fields, born April 6, 1910. Mr. Fields is a farmer near Pryor. He is a member of the Masonic lodge In Pryor, himself, wife and daughter Miss Mabel are

Biographical Sketch of William Bird

Bird, William (See Cochran)—Emily, daughter of Price and Lucy (Keener) Cochran, born August 17, 1869. Married Dec. 27, 1884, Jerry Watts. Married Dec. 25, 1891 William, son of James and Elizabeth Bird. She is the mother of Edward Watts, born Jan. 5, 1887. Served in France in Co. “C,’ 358th Infantry from June 20, 1918 to June 27, 1919. Tessie Bird, born March 4, 1898; Lucinda Bird, born June 10, 1901; Mary Bird, born October 23, 1904; William Bird, born November 5, 1908 and Ona Bird born August 27, 1910. Mrs. Bird’s Cherokee name is Aitsi.

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. Stephen Carlile

Carlile, Mrs. Stephen (See Ghigau and Hildebrand)—Sadie, daughter of S. P. Luna and Sarah (Butler) Luna, born July 10, 1888 in the Ozark County, Missouri. Mar­ried at Tahlequah, September 29, 1909 Stephen Foreman, son of Thomas Holmes and Levannah Elizabeth (Catron) Carlile. born January 5, 1873 in Tahlequah District, educated in Tahlequah District and Male Seminary. They are the parents of: Hazel, born August 1, 1910; Helen, born May 25. 1912; Stephen, born January 12, 1918; and Leo, born February 22, 1920. Stephen Foreman Carlile died September 5, 1919, Carlile is farming near Park Hill.

Biographical Sketch of Joel W. Buffington

Buffington, Joel W. (See Downing, Grant and Daniel)—Joel Webster Buffington, born near Pryor, October 12, 1898, educated at Pryor and Male Seminary. Married at Pryor November 28, 1918, Eva, daughter of Grant and Josephine Teter, born November 12 1895. They are the parents of: Harry Webster, born August 27, 1919, and Gordon Warren Buffington, born Dec. 11, 1920. Mr. Buffington is a farmer near Pryor. Joel Mayes Bryan married Rebecca Wright, their daughter Nancy Jane married John Ross Buffington, and they were the parents of John Ross Buffington, who married Sadie Highland, and they are the parents of Joel Webster

Biographical Sketch of Benjamin Dustin Dobkins

Dobkins (See Duncan)—Benjamin Dustin Dobkins, born Aug. 6, 1879, was educated at Vinita, the Male Seminary, and graduated from the Ontario, Canada, Veterinary Col­lege. He married June 3, 1903, Gertrude, daughter of 3. M. and Gertrude Ragland of Lebanon, Mo. Dr. Benjamin D. and Mrs. Dobkins, have one daughter, Miss Jaunita Cherokee, born July 5, 1904. Dr. Dobkins has been State Veterinary for ten consecutive years, is the author of the Oklahoma State Veterinary Laws and was President of the State Veterinary Association in 1912-13-14 and 15. He Is a Mason, Odd Fellow and is President of the State Bank

Biography of Bula D. Croker

Croker, Bula D. (See Grant and Ghigau)—Bula D. Edmondson, born on Beatties Prairie, Feb. 17, 1884 educated in the Cherokee National schools and graduated from Female Seminary May 29, 1902 Being possessed of superior historic talents she specialized in music and expression in Boston and in New York City. Having a brilliant personality and much of the impelling magnetic qualities of her distinguished Uncle, Wm. W. Hastings she soon rose to an eminent rank in her chosen profession. She married in New York City, Richard Croker, a native of Black Rock, Ireland and Chieftain of Tammany Hall. Mr. and Mrs.

Biographical Sketch of Ellis M. Eaton

Eaton, Ellis M. (See Grant and Downing)—Ellis Menchell, son of Richard and Elizabeth (Alberty) Eaton born Jan. 18, 1861. Married Jan. 3, 1886, Mary, daughter of Moses and Elizabeth (Buffington) Alberty born Dec. 19, 1865. They are the parents of: Lelia, born Apr. 7, 1887 and graduated from Female Seminary May 29, 1907; Richard, born Oct. 7, 1890, married Esther Gardner; William M,. born March 25, 1898 married Corn Thompson and Edgar W. Eaton born Aug. 29, 1899. Mr. and Mrs. Ellis M. Eaton are members of the Methodist church and he belongs to both of the Woodmen Orders. Ellis

Biographical Sketch of Mrs. A. W. Armstrong

Armstrong, Mrs. A. W. (See Cordery and McNair) Mary Elizabeth, daughter of David McNair and Mary J. (Strickland) Rogers, born Bristol, England in order to break up a love match, furnished his youngest son, Joseph with a ship named the “Brice’ and sent him to Virginia, where Joseph married Susannah Childs, member of a prominent Colonial family, and settled near Charlottesville Albermarle County in that state. Their third son Joseph, was born in 1840. He became a fur trader and amassed a fortune. He held the following military positions: Captain of the Transylvania Militia, elected in 1776 became Major February