Collection: Biographical History of Rock Island Illinois

Biography of James B. Titterington

A typical example of the virile manhood of Rock Island County is the subject of this sketch. Born in Buffalo Prairie Township, he resisted the lure of the city and of the great west to which so many of his boyhood companions yielded and set himself to the task of extracting wealth from the old home farm. After more than sixty years spent there he has now retired and is enjoying the fruits of his labors as a resident of the City of Rock Island. Mr. Titterington is a descendant of one of the oldest and most honored families of

Biography of David W. Matthews

David W. Matthews, supervisor of Black Hawk Township, president of the Black Hawk Good Roads Association, and farmer and stock raiser, is a native of Illinois, having been born in Mercer County, March 22, 1854. His parents were Dr. James S. and Mary J. (Willson) Matthews, both natives of Pennsylvania, and of Scotch-Irish descent. Mr. Matthews was born January 1, 1825, and his wife August 18, 1829. They were united in marriage in their native state and in the fall of 1853 removed to Mercer County, Illinois, and settled at Preemption. There Dr. Matthews took up the practice of medicine,

Biography of James Franklin Robinson

A man of prominence and wealth, yet unspoiled by his position and prosperity; a man whose life was filled with kindly thoughts and generous deeds; a man of sterling integrity, who typified in his everyday life the highest type of Christian character, was James Franklin Robinson, the subject of this sketch. He was born in Rock Island County February 27, 1849, and died May 23, 1902, at his home in the city of Rock Island. He was the son of those well known Rock Island County pioneers, a sketch of whose lives is written elsewhere in this book, Captain and

Biography of Captain Thomas J. Robinson

The municipal history of Rock Island contains some illustrious names. It is a city that has been slow in attaining its present proportions, but its growth has been steady and constant. To those hardy and adventurous men who in an early day saw Rock Island’s possibilities and expended strength, time and money in laboring to build up what was then a mere handful of people gathered together, great credit must be given. They had faith in Rock Island’s future. They labored to make that future a reality, and in their labors they were successful. One of those men who had

Biography of Frederick C. A. Denkmann

When on March 2, 1905, the spirit of Frederick C. A. Denkmann passed from earth there was completed and rounded out a life that may well serve as an inspiration for American boys of this and succeeding generations, through its disregard of difficulties, steadfastness of purpose, energy and accomplishment, sterling worth and help-fulness. In such a life there is encouragement for every young man who is constrained to be the architect and builder of his own fortunes, even as this necessity was laid upon Frederick C. A. Denkmann. He sprang from sturdy German stock, did this great American lumberman, and

Biography of Frederick Weyerhaeuser

Should a search be made throughout the length and breadth of the United States, no fairer or finer example of the selfmade American could be found than Frederick Weyerhaeuser, lumberman. Brought by chance, in early manhood, in touch with the making of lumber he seized upon this accidental circumstance as upon an opportunity, mastered the rudiments with a thoroughness that has characterized his every action in life, and upon this practical knowledge built his exceptional business career. One by one he saw the possibilities as they opened before him. Each possibility became to him a probability and was made a

Biography of Charles J. Larkin

The City of Rock Island has several contractors and builders whose operations are upon a very extensive scale, and whose work is known, not only in the immediate vicinity of their home city, but throughout the entire western part of the United States, where they have been engaged to erect large public buildings, manufacturing plants, railway depots and other edifices requiring the expenditure of thousands of dollars. Among the men so engaged is Charles J. Larkin. Mr. Larkin was born September 13, 1852, in Schenectady, New York, and lived in that city until he was four years of age, when

Biographical Sketch of Herbert B. Hayden

Herbert B. Hayden, Superintendent of City Schools of Rock Island, is a native of Massachusetts. He was educated in the graded and high schools of his native state, and at Wesleyan University. Since 1883 he has been engaged in public school work, either as high school principal or superintendent of city schools, and has been in charge of the schools of Rock Island since August, 1900.

Biography of Charles J. Searle

An attorney whose marked ability has been repeatedly recognized not only in Rock Island County, by whose Bar Association he has, at the time this sketch is written, recently been honored by the election as its president, but throughout the State of Illinois, is Charles J. Searle, of Rock Island. A biographical sketch of a man so well and widely known, seems almost superfluous, for there are but few in Rock Island County, and indeed in this section of Illinois, who do not enjoy a personal acquaintance with the gentleman himself. And were these sketches written and published merely for

Biography of Henry B. Hubbard

There is no happier hour in the life of the conscientious and circumspect biographer than one which affords him the occasion for picturing in words the record of a virile, useful, energetic and honorable person. There is always a fascinating something about such a person, whether old or young, which forcibly appeals to the pen, and brings forth latent thought and effort which are too often permitted to be dormant-lethargic, as it were. The mere conviction of a man’s astuteness and sterling worth is all sufficient to inspire one with a desire to write endless pages of eulogies concerning him: