Collection: A Standard History of Champaign County Illinois

Biography of A. C. McElwee

A. C. McElwee. The township of St. Joseph has some of the best farms in Champaign County, and one that at once attracts attention by its well tilled fields and splendid improvements is the Elder Row Grain and Stock Farm, the proprietor of which is A. C. McElwee. Back in 1856, more than sixty years ago, his grandfather, C. J. McElwee, acquired 120 acres. It was raw and unimproved and largely became a farm under his efforts. That was the foundation and nucleus of the Elder Row Grain and Stock Farm. Oddly enough, the land has not been retained in

Biography of Clarence A. Rice

Clarence A. Rice. Some highly developed farms lie along rural route No. 56 in Philo Township, and one of them is the place of Clarence A. Rice, which is in section 24. Mr. Rice has given a good account of his energies and ability and deserves to rank well to the front among the farming men of one of the richest agricultural sections of the Middle West. He was born in Bureau County, Illinois, April 7, 1861, a son of Samuel D. and Kate (Bergstra) Rice. His father was born in Massachusetts and his mother in New York State. It

Biography of Matison F. Dunn

Matison F. Dunn has spent a long and productive career as an agriculturist in St. Joseph Township, and for the last two years has lived retired from farming in the village of St. Joseph, and has conducted a very successful real estate enterprise. Mr. Dunn is a native of Champaign County, having been born on a farm in St. Joseph Township, February 9, 1868, a son of Zephaniah M. and Elizabeth (Mapes) Dunn. His father was a native of Kentucky and his mother of Maryland. Zephaniah Dunn, who was born in 1831, was only two years of age when his

Biography of Orie A. Cook, D. V. M.

Orie A. Cook, D. V. M. The important responsibilities of carrying on the world’s work are devolving upon younger men in every generation. It is the young men who furnish the enthusiasm and energy to industry and business and also to the professions. One of the young professional men of Fisher is Dr. O. A. Cook, a young veterinarian who has quickly gained the confidence and esteem of his patrons in veterinary surgery and is well deserving of that confidence. He is a native of Ford County, Illinois, born April 11, 1894. His parents are Carvosso W. and Elma (Arnold)

Biography of William L. Yancey

William L. Yancey. The various items in the career of William L. Yancey show that he is one of Champaign County’s farmers who have made more than an ordinary success, and that while acquiring material prosperity he has not neglected those public interests which claim his attention in common with all good citizens. Though he started life comparatively a poor man, he now has a farm in Mahomet Township which is easily among the best in that section. He is a native son of Champaign County and his record is such that everywhere his word is considered as good as

Biographical Sketch of James Louis Edwards

James Louis Edwards. One of the comfortable country homes of Philo Township, a place adding to the distinctive character of prosperity and well ordered enterprise in that section, is the Edwards place, now occupied by James Louis Edwards, who acquired it from his father, George Edwards. The Edwards family has been identified with Champaign County for over half a century. James Louis Edwards is unmarried and with his sister Anna looks after the management of the farm and they keep house together. Mr. Edwards was born on the old homestead in section 18 of Philo Township in 1867, a son

Biography of Jason Eugene Churchill

Jason Eugene Churchill. One of the good farm homes in Philo Township is found in section 25, where Mr. J. E. Churchill shows his ability as a farmer and stockman and by dint of hard work and good management has acquired the ownership of a tract of land which he first farmed as a renter. Mr. Churchill is a native of Champaign County, having been born in Crittenden Township April 3, 1892. His parents were Jason M. and Jennie E. (French) Churchill. His father was born in New York State and his mother in the State of Kansas. His father

Biography of M. Fenwick

M. Fenwick. Among the families of more than fifty years’ residence in Champaign County, one which is well and favorably known is that represented by M. Fenwick, a prosperous business citizen of St. Joseph, who has made his home in this community since 1868. Mr. Fenwick was born in Indiana, June 14, 1842, a son of William and Mary (Gilbert) Fenwick. His maternal grandfather was an early frontiersman of Ohio, and in that state, in Ross County, Mr. Fenwick’s parents were married. William Fenwick was born in Highland County, Ohio, and his father’s birthplace was Fenwick’s Island, Delaware. The Fenwick

Biography of Egbert J. Myers

Egbert J. Myers. For forty-one years Robert J. Myers has lived in Champaign County. Those have been years of productive labor, of public spirited enterprise, and few men have left a stronger impress upon their home locality than he. He was not a wealthy man when he came to this county and his prosperity has been the fruit of long continued work, good management and an unselfish interest in the life and affairs of his community. He is a native of the old Blue Grass State and was born in Lewis County, Kentucky, March 23, 1853. He is the oldest

Biography of Martin Orlando Stover

Martin Orlando Stover. Farmers are the uncrowned kings of America today, and if they do not hold the political destiny of the country in their hands they are at least the custodians of the resources which are the most vital and necessary to the welfare and existence of the millions who live in the great cities and industrial centers. Champaign County has a wealth of men who are doing their part in the development of American agriculture, and it is no disparagement of what others are doing and have done to name Martin Orlando Stover as a recognized leader among