Crawford Cemetery, Dalhouse Township, Lanark County Canada

T Surname

Thomas, John Jan. 15, 1888-Feb. 4, 1971
Thomas, Margaret 1876-1943
Thomson, Alexander Died Dec. 13, 1918
Thomson, Harry 1871-1948
Thomson, Margaret E. 1881-1937
Thomson, Mary May 2, 1876-May 9, 1941
Thomson, Robert Died Dec. 20, 1886
Trombley, Alexander 1900-No Dates
Trombley, Alice H. 1906-1908
Trombley, Bessie V. (Kennedy) 1903-1975
Trombley, Duncan 1903-1945
Trombley, Elsie Julia (Holden) 1916-No Dates
Trombley, Ernest J. 1908-1941
Trombley, Fred Mar. 28, 1898-No Dates
Trombley, Irene 1931-1938
Trombley, John B. 1872-1953
Trombley, John Louis 1952-1956
Trombley, Louis 1867-1943
Trombley, Mary 1868-1917
Trombley, Mary M. 1922-No Date
Trombley, Vera 1870-1936
Trombley, Wm. Harry 1907-No Dates
Truelove, Infant Died April 29, 1958
Turnbull, Janet Died Jan. 20, 1903
Turnbull, Mary June 22, 1828-Mar. 29, 1864
Turnbull, Thomas Died Aug. 26, 1868
Tysick, Duncan F. 1900-No Dates
Tysick, Peter 1870-1966

Collection: Cemetery Collection.

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