Descendants Of Walter Woodworth

A manuscript consisting of the descendants of Walter Woodworth of Scituate, Massachusetts.

Each individual is numbered in order of birth from 1 up, and to this number is prefixed the number of all his ancestors in order of each ancestor’s birth. For instance Nathaniel’s number: he is third child of Assail, therefore 3 is his number. Asahel is third child of Samuel so 3 is prefixed; Samuel is the sixth child of James so 6 is prefixed; James is the sixth child of Benjamin so 6 is again prefixed; Benjamin is the fourth child of Benjamin so 4 is prefixed and Benjamin is the third son of Walter so 3 is prefixed, making Nathaniel’s number 3-4-6-6-3-3. These numbers show Nathaniel’s number in order of his birth, his father, his grandfather, his great grandfather, and back to Walter, who came from Kent Co., England, 1635.

Nathaniel is the third child of the third child of the sixth child of the sixth child of the fourth child of the third chili of Walter, who landed in Scituate, Mass., in 1635.

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  • Descendants
  • Woodworth, Walter
  • Woodward, Walter, Will of
  • Inventory for Will
  • Origin of Woodward Name
  • Woodworth, Benjamin SR
  • Military Enlistment
  • Woodworth, Benjamin Jr
  • Woodworth, James Sr.
  • Woodworth, Samuel Sr
  • Property sale by James Woodworth
  • Woodworth, Barzilliel
  • Letter of Samuel Woodworth to Benjamin Woodworth, page 1
  • Letter of Samuel Woodworth to Benjamin Woodworth, Page 2
  • Letter of Samuel Woodworth to Benjamin Woodworth, Page 3
  • Woodworth, Asahel
  • Lobule, Rosander F.
  • Burghardt, Clarissa Maria
  • Haskin, William J.
  • Woodworth, Elijah Burghardt
  • Woodworth, Fay
  • Woodworth, Nancy A.
  • Mitchell, Almeda Dana
  • Church, Frank E.
  • Church, Charles N.
  • Mitchell, Samuel
  • Mitchell, Lamina Woodworth
  • Mitchell, Lovina W.
  • Mitchell, John M. D.
  • Mitchell, Frank Durkee
  • Mitchell, John Hubbard
  • Mitchell, Antoinette
  • Mitchell, William Eugene
  • Mitchell, Harry Bleden
  • Mitchell, Jane Ann
  • Shaw, Jessie Elizabeth
  • Shaw, Bessie Adelia
  • Mitchell, Nancy Adelia
  • Mitchell, Asahel Woodworth
  • Mitchell, Elizabeth
  • Mitchell, Elizabeth
  • Letter from Samuel Woodworth to Asahel Woodworth, page 1
  • Letter from Samuel Woodworth to Asahel Woodworth, page 2
  • Woodworth, Mary L.
  • Woodworth, Nancy Adelia
  • Woodworth, Wesley W.
  • Woodworth, Rebecca J.
  • Woodworth, Mary Sophia
  • Woodworth, Sally
  • Woodworth, William
  • Woodworth, James
  • Woodworth, Almon (2)
  • Woodworth, Hamlin D.
  • Woodworth, Benjamin
  • Woodworth, Mary (2)
  • Woodworth, Henry (2)
  • Woodworth, Harriet
  • Woodworth, Nancy (2)
  • Woodworth, Aronson
  • Woodworth,Lucy Hosmer
  • Woodworth, Jane Victorine
  • Woodworth, Alanson
  • Woodworths in Revolutionary War from Connecticut



1 thought on “Descendants Of Walter Woodworth”

  1. I am trying to find evidence to link the Woodworth’s of Suffield CT to Walter Woodworth. I have conclusive evidence (BMD records) of the following up to Lyman A:

    William E. Moryto (Me)
    F. William T. Moryto (M. Karen Duda)
    M. Anna Mae Drake (F. Stephen Moryto)
    F. William Chester Drake (M. Anna Strogoff)
    M. Susan E Woodworth (F. George W. Drake)
    F. Chester W Woodworth (1844 MA – 1909 Windsor Locks CT) (M. Mary Ann Sloan)
    F. Lyman A. Woodworth (1816 NY – 1906 Suffield, CT) (M. Chloe Moore (another unicorn))
    F. Daniel Woodworth(1770 Groton, CT? – 1843 Suffield, CT ) (M. Lucy Morey)

    The evidence fades with Lyman A Woodworth, with only his obituary listing his parent’s names: Daniel Woodworth & Lucy Morey.
    After that, its conjecture to confirm that this Daniel is the son of William (1732 Norwich CT- 1790 Suffield, CT), who is the son of the Daniel (1698-1775) and executor of Daniel’s Will in Groton CT. If anyone has any information or evidence to connect these dots, I would most appreciative.

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