Book A – Coosa County Alabama Marriage Records

Book A – Page 50-99

p. 50 Taylor, Allen J. to Marberry, Margret
Nov. 24, 1838 Wit: A.F. Driskill

p. 50 Townsend, P.H. to Mabry, Sicilly
Dec. 21, 1838 Wit: E. Pond, Judge

p. 51 Hughey, George A. to Bishop, Margaret
Oct. 27, 1838 Wit: Benjamin Lewis Helam Roberson, Past.

p. 52 Vaughan, Gilford to Weems, Margaret
Nov. 14, 1838 Wit: Helam Roberson, Pastor.

p. 53 Coker, James A. to Owens, Rebecca
Oct. 20, 1838. Wit: George H. Jones, J.P.

p. 54 Whorton, Rbt. L. to Carlton, Elizabeth
Dec. 21, 1838 Wit: A. Carlton

p. 55 Weaver, Wm. H. to McDaniel, Minervy
Jan. 10, 1839 Wit: Wm. Richards, J.P.

p. 56 Phillips, Reuben to Phillips Lillitha
Oct. 13, 1838 Wit: David Jones

p. 57 Cooper, George W. to McCarther, Emila Adaline
Dec. 11, 1838 Wit: James Monroe Cooper

p. 58 Stringfellow, Wm. tc Leak, Lucinda H.
Dec. 25, 1838 Wit: E. Pond

p. 59 Walton, T.W. to Hasson, Harriett
Aug. 17, 1838 Wit: G.N. Walton

p. 60 Driver, James to Thompson, Matilda (widow)
Nov. 15, 1838 Wit: C.P. Sanford, J.P.

p. 61 Emberson, Wm. to Holemon, Sina
Jan. 16, 1839 Wit: E. Pond, Judge

p. 62 Edwards, Rigdon to Jordan, Sarah
Jan. 22, 1839 Wit: E. Pond, Judge

p. 63 Woodruff, L. to Houghton, Eugenia
Feb. 14, 1839 Wit: M.D. Fraser

p. 63 Richards, Wm. to Edwards, Susanna
Feb. 12, 1839 Wit: R.W. Cleveland

p. 64 Laws, John W. to Murphy, Elizabeth
Feb. 28, 1839 Wit: N. Fowler

p. 65 Bruce, Wm. V. to Rider, Sarah
May 14, 1839 Wit: Thos. L. McGowen

p. 66 Robinson, Elisha to Campbell, Kizzey
Dec. 28, 1838 Wit: D. Jones

p. 66 Headen, Joseph A. to Wilson, Margaret
Mar. 19, 1839 Wit: H.L. Stewart

p. 67 DeBardeleban, A. M. to Spigner, Ann E.M.
Mar. 12, 1839 Wit: Zacheus Dowling, Min.

p. 68 White, R.F. to Blankenship, Morning C.
Feb. 20, 1839 Wit: Benj. Foscue, Min.

p. 69 Cater, Silas B. to Fitzgerald, M.C.
Mar. 31 Wit: M.D. Fraser

p. 69 Tunnell, J. A. to Welch, Nancy
Dec. 26, 1838 Wit: Stephen Tunnell

p. 70 Smith, John to Foscue, Mariah A.
Apr. 18, 1839 Wit: J.H. Mitchell, L.M.

p. 71 Stoker, Allen to Mires, Harriett J.
Apr. 28, 1839 Wit: C.P. Sanford, J.P.

p. 72 McRee, David W. to Turlington, Judy
May 2, 1839 Wit: James Willis, M.G.

p. 73 Stowe, Pinckney to Rogers, E.H.
May 6, 1839 Wit: M.D. Fraser

p. 73 Nickles, A.F. to Hodges, Martha M.
Lie. May 5, 1839 Wit: Wm. F. Hanna

p. 74 Howell, Henry to Vardiman, Betsey L.
May 4, 1839 Wit: Reuben Phillips

p. 75 Jones, Jacob to Bagget, Mary
May 20, 1839 Wit: Solomon Wood, J.P.

p. 76 Sanford, C.P. to Lovejoy, Angelina
May 27, 1839 Wit: A.J. Coleman

p. 77 Kelley, John J. to Sulivan, Mary
Apr. 18, 1839 Wit: J.N. Lightner

p. 77 Lightfoot, James W. to Mooney, Elizabeth
May 15, 1839 Wit: Jacob J. Richards, J.P.

p. 78 Skinner, J.W. to O’Harra, Elmina
June 23, 1839 Wit: J.A. Pollard, J.P.

p. 79 Crow, Wm. to Richie, America Ann
July 31, 1839 Wit: John Gaddis, J.P.

p. 81 Johnson, Simeon to Bradshaw, Amanda Ann
June 23, 1839 Wit: Peter E. Temple

p. 82 Riley, George to Howell (Harvell?), Epsy
July 10, 1839 Wit: Jas. B. Parker

p. 83 Stamps, Wm. T. to Smith, Nancy
Aug. 6, 1839 Wit: John Gaddis, J.P.

p. 84 Moore, Wm. H. to Moore, Eliza J.
Aug. 7, 1839 Wit: Richard Stewart, J.P.

p. 85 Coleman, Wm. H. to Smith, Mary
Aug. 31, 1839 Wit: Thomas T. Wall

p. 86 Morris, Wm. W. to Wood, Nancy A.
Sept. 2, 1839 Wit: E. Pond

p. 87 Moore, M. J. to Windham, Eliza
Aug. 1, 1839 Wit: Allen Chapman, J.P.

p. 88 Johnson, Simeon to Bradshaw, Amanda Ann
Sept. 5, 1839 Wit: Joshua Rowe, M.G.

p. 88 Carroll, Ethelred to Elison, Louisa S.
Mar. 29, 1840 Wit: E. Pond, Judge

p. 89 Kelly, Surry to Roberts, Marmarett
Jan. 5, 1834 Wit: Richard Stewart, J.P.

p. 89 Skinner, Wm. to Black, Matilda
Apr. 26, 1840 Wit: J.A. Pollard, J.P.

p. 90 Crawford, Daniel torMcNeel, J. C.
Feb. 29, 1840 Wit: Rbt. Holman, V.D.M.

p. 90 McDuffee, John to Marchison, Mary
Dec. 29, 1839 Wit: Stephen Windham, J.P.

p. 91 Martin, Ephraim to Gray, Rebecca
Sept. 12, 1839 Wit: Jacob J. Richards, J.P.

p. 91 Blake, Richardson to Peacock, Sarah Ann
Oct. 16, 1839 Wit: James G. Eden

p. 92 Ray, S.B. to Suttle, Mary Ann
Nov. 12, 1839 Wit: Wm. Richards, J.P.

p. 92 Ogletree, Lewis B. to Driskill, Elizabeth M.
Aug. 11, 1839 Wit: R.M. Phillips, M.G.

p. 93 Ogletree, John to Goggans, Nancy
Sept. 13, 1839 Wit: J.G. Eden

p. 93 Chapman, Wm. to Peterson, Eliza
Dec. 5, 1839 Wit: John Gaddis, J.P.

p. 94 Black, Wm. to Chapman, Mary Ann
Jan. 14, 1840 Wit: E.Augustus Ware, J.P.

p. 94 McDonald, Berriman E. to Pollard, Mary P.
Oct. 21, 1841 Wit: Ebenezer Pond, Judge

p. 95 Judge, Henry B. to Hatchett, Rachel S.
July 16, 1840 Wit: E. Pond, Judge

p. 95 Watkins, Rial H. to Mahan, Sarah
Aug. 13, 1839 Wit: James G. Eden

p. 95 Rushing, Abram to Shackleford, Sarah
Nov. 17, 1839 Wit: James G. Eden

p. 96 Micars, Richard to Greenwood, Harriett
Feb. 4, 1840 Wit: Reuben Phillips, M.G.

p. 96 Wood, Commodore D. to Logan, Malinda
Jan. 16, 1840 Wit: Henry W. Cox

p. 97 Spears, Williamson to Suttle, Sarah Ann
Jan. 7, 1841 Wit: James G. Eden

p, 97 Scotland, Andrew J. to Pearce, Rebecca
Dec. 12, 1839 Wit: Stephen Windham

p. 97 Hanna, Rbt. to Stephens, Cyreney
May 21, 1840 Wit: John Brooks, Min., Methodist Episcopal

p. 98 Stevens, Enoch to Chitty, Louisa
May 29, 1841 Wit: Benj. Foscue, M.G.

p. 98 Tate, Caleb to Taylor, Martha Ann
June 14, 1840 Wit: Jeremiah Williams, M.G.

p. 99 McKey, Wm. G. to Prichett, Martha
Mar. 19, 1840 Wit: Thos. Jordan, J.P.

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