1884 Galva Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Arnold, George H. Arnold, Grant Arnold, Hugh Arnold, Mary Arnold, Rule Becker, Charlie Becker, Elizabeth Becker, Ernest Becker, Hugo Becker, Nora Becker, Oscar Bishop, T. A. Bossard, Arthur Bossard, Catherine Bossard, Ella Bossard, Fannie Bossard, Giford Bossard, Liander Breitspracher, Albert Breitspracher, Augusta Breitspracher, Carl Breitspracher, Martha Breitspracher, Theresa Bullock, Alice Bullock, Edwin Bullock, Leslie Bullock, …

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Chippewa Indians

Chippewa Indians. The earliest accounts of the Chippewa associate them particularly with the region of Sault Sainte Marie, but they came in time to extend over the entire northern shore of Lake Huron and both shores of Lake Superior, besides well into the northern interior and as far west as the Turtle Mountains of North Dakota.

Yankton Tribe

Yankton Indians (ihanke ‘end,’ ton’wan ‘village ‘end village’). One of the 7 primary divisions of the Dakota, constituting, with the closely related Yanktonai, the middle group. J. O. Dorsey arranged the Dakota-Assiniboin in 4 dialectic groups: Santee, Yankton, Teton, and Assiniboin, the Yankton dialect being spoken also by the Yanktonai, for the 2 tribes were …

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